Matthew, Tess & Monroe

Matthew, Tess & Monroe


Testing .. testing..

Yay! blog #1 from long island! This has been everything that i hoped it would be.. an adventure with my Dear. It's one a those weird things you are not sure if it's only been a day.. but I would totally believe you if you told me it has been a year.ha Loving it!
So.. a quick recap for you! (and bless my heart this will be a recap for me as precious memory)
Matthew and I flew in on a red eye flight. I know that you can perfectly imagine us; perky as energizer bunnies, most excited couple you ever saw. Arms outstretched, head looking to the sky, slow motion twirling the second I walked off the plane. Within minutes I was wearing an  'I <3 NY'  t-shirt. And all of this celebration of a new world... through... 'tired eyes'. ha. My infamous 'tired eyes' and 'morning face.' This is where my eyes shrink down to half their normal size, so I am peering through slits, and my lips double their normal size.... Welcome to New York City Tess...
Nah... it didn't quite happen like that. hahaha But those were my feelings about it. And I am still ecstatic to be here!! The Lord really let an outpouring of blessings come to Matthew and I to get us out here, and I still feel em' coming. Just can't help but smile and feel overwhelmed with gratitude!!


  1. hahahahahaha your description of your morning face had me rolling. I can attest to your Jolie Lips but not the slits! I. am. so. HAPPY you started this. I love the way you write, not to mention the humor woven throughout. Definitely gives me my giggling fix!!!

    Love you SHESHA BEAR!

    I am dying to indulge in the Big Apple with you. We will have to party right to the core.

  2. Welcome to the blog world!!! We miss ya, but it is flying by and will continue to do so...Baby girl is gonna be here before we know it AHHH