Matthew, Tess & Monroe

Matthew, Tess & Monroe


Rosie's World

Rosie's world...
I am so happy to be a part of it.

She is still a little wobbly, but walking so good and saying, "I!!!" to any/everyone we pass. 
Rosie will daintily pick from the vast array of food I offer her in her high chair, 
and then will snarf dirt, inhale leaves, catch bugs and pop em' in like a delicacy, 
and to find a minuscule piece of lint to munch on is a real treat. 

We mammas have to work fast! 
Yes, because of the dirt/bug problem.
But also because...

Monroe is a climber :)
Over, under, in, out, all day.

"It's the little things" they say.
And with babies, truest thing I've ever heard.
It's that piece of lint I was telling you about.
It's this fabulous toddler chair at walmart in the bathroom that can make a girls day.

It's a whisk and a strainer. It truly is the cardboard box that is the favorite toy.

But for the mom, the little things are  
when you see her giddy and squealing when her dad comes home:)

And when she melts into her daddy's hugs...

I have turned to mush so many times when I hear a faint pitter patter coming towards me,
I'll see her looking down, (she still has to focus on some steps) and then those big eyes are look up at me,
and tiny hands reach for me.

Heart explodes.

And then I scoop her up faster than anything and squeeze, eat, kiss, you know..:)

Or when you have boring errands to do (state office something or other) 
and you have your little Daisy friend to brighten every second! Who willingly accompanies you where ever!

Today as Moe was walking so edible like and wobbly, she made a last second direction change for a toy that caught her eye and tilted up on one leg, stalled like that a second, and then turned, keeping her balance, and kept going with a smile, feeling very proud. :) I cheered her on and clapped and YAYed! And then I sat there amazed at her incredibly powerful, tiny body. She says nothing but "I" (hi) and yet her mind can tell her body how to walk, bounce, balance, pick up food, chew it...

How miraculous is that?

I hope I can teach her to see her body as the sacred gift from Heavenly Father that it is.
It is capable, strong, resilient, and beautiful, whatever it looks like. 
I hope she can appreciate and focus on all she can do. I pray she can respect her body as the powerful machine it is, see the greater purpose it has, not scrutinize.
Her body is what is making all of her adventures of picking up cold snow, petting a fluffy dog, seeing colorful flowers, and eating a sweet treat possible! 
It's remarkable.
 And seeing her eyes light up from all she can experience and do with her powerful little body, it's obvious why we were so excited to come to earth to receive our own.  And that is why the adversary is so bent on taking our appreciation for the gift and turning it into scrutiny, shame, surface level.
That is not how the Lord wants us to feel. That is not from Him.
I want to keep and spread this childlike joy and appreciation of our body and all it's capable of !
I recognize that we are blessed she is healthy and strong, I pray I can show her to see that as well! And that all girls can recognize the beauty of health and their abilities!

I thank Heavenly Father for every unique aspect and feature of my little girl.
Because that combo makes her my Rosie. :)

Above is a fun dino park at City Creek to try if you haven't already:)

One year old birthday! And only about one foot tall it seems. ha

What did I tell ya? 

Lots of learning when getting messy :)

Our Sister Souter returned safely from the Philippines! 
There was ...
jumping: yes
tears: check
pinching {is she really here?}: you know it
rotating her free hand with a new baby: yes, we work fast
high fiving: too much
hip hip hooray-ing: no, but we should have
hoisting her up onto our shoulders: shoot, that would have really been appropriate

Goof Troop is reunited.
And boy, does it feel good

This sign says, "We waited our whole lives to meet you!"
In one year of her being gone, every sister and sis in law had a baby!
5 smoochies to meet:)

Lastly but not leastly,
we took Mecham family pictures in Montana this Christmas! 
It was beautiful.
It was freezing.
Baby... was it cold outside!

The kids were incredible and little Rudolph Rosie toughed out the 5 degree weather with a smile!
Unfortunately the smile was not during this millisecond... but I still want to eat her :)

Crazy thing is that during their 3 year mission, 5 babies have been born on this side as well!
Rosie cannot get enough of cousin time, we feel so blessed to have lots!

This red nose and smile is worth a lot :) 

Montana Billings Temple!
That's the crew. <3

Such amazing things to be a part of, 
but my favorite one...
is Rosie's World.


Bright eyed and bushy tailed

That is Monroesy!
And she is on the move.

Just rolling or barely scoochin along, but she is going places I tell ya.
She even has 2 little teeth on the bottom- eeeee!! 

It's better than I could've ever dreamed…
Meet my lil' Darla. :) 
I thought I could handle a giraffe sun hat, 

She makes every single thing so much more exciting! I never knew that a mom walking around in the grocery store with their baby was beaming inside. haha And watching their baby more than grabbing items, sooo they are most likely circling the store. They're trying to subdue a huge smile as they watch their babe looking at the isles, or their hands, or a fellow shopper. Haha 
That one's the best. 
During checkout when an unsuspecting customer glances over to see a sweet baby curiously watching them and their eyes kinda smile and they slowly look over to see the mother and they lock eyes with the most spastic smiling girl just about to explode with love and pride for that tiny squish!! haha
So I am eating up every single second. 
Snarfing that mini giraffe:)

Congrats Mr. Matthew, the best daddy everrr! He graduated in December, walked in April- woowooo! 
Proud Cougars here :)
I love this school!! Truly though, BYU has made Matt and me much, much better people. It is amazing how much the gospel is weaved into everyyyy single class. Because the professors testimonies are the foundation of their knowledge, you are shown from family classes to statistics that it all ties together with the gospel. As a mom, now in charge of what I learn and gain each day, this has been priceless.
And with the unbelievable motivation a baby brings, to be spiritually strong, I need all of the extra strength from talks and the scriptures I can get. Because, I am learning this mom thing on the fly :) I absolutely need the Lord in our lives to get even a dot of this thing right. 
Speaking of little Dot, :) , Monroe (all babies) are inherently filled with SO much heavenly goodness and love, I cannot talk one second about her and me being her mamma without basically bearing my testimony. 
But that is why motherhood is sooo wonderful!!! I am living my testimony everyday by loving, playing with, helping my Darla!

Amy caught the cute cousins :)
 When I saw this of Cooper (her squishy wonder boy) and and Moe I was just about ready to blow the pic up to about the size of a wall and hang it in our living room.
:) Cooper, Easton, and Moe

 After a wedding dinner at Thanksgiving point, we went to peek {walk every inch} of the flower gardens. But they were closed so we had to sneak. Which really was more like gallivanting down the steep entrance for the gardeners with all of the tools and stuff. But just that feeling of sneaking anywhere gets me giddy. 

 More wedding stuff :)
Can you see her teeniest ponytail of all 3 strands? (above)

So, I thought Matt was the most wonderful man when I married him. 
But I did not see this coming. If I had, I would have had to prepare myself.
Being a dad has magnified every single incredible trait he had!! haha It amazes me!

One of my cute friends (pregnant) asked if a baby changes the relationship you have with your husby… I promise, it only makes it a million times better!!!!!! 
It is divine.
It makes you a more tender, sweeter wife. It makes him a harder worker and supporter. It unites you more than ever to have a rolling, laughing buddy to love and live for.
There is a reason we have always been told to get married and have babies. haha (which I always knew and though ya, ya, ya.:))
But that advice was really the recipe for happiness! 
Babies help your relationship grow and progress. Because they brings so many more opportunities to love, laugh, serve, and grow. 
My heart could explode confetti and starbursts watching these two together.

 Why are babies so funny? I just set her down by the ducks and I just can't handle it haha
Watching dads's game! Babysitting my other little one, Bridger. I can't wait for the day that I have 2 of my own doodles (Philo and Farnsworth) to bring along:) It is coming… soon

Below are just some spanking cute, totally edible pics of Monroe :)
And so random

I almost choked back a sob when I took this. haha 
One of her first times sitting up :)

Waiting for the car? Fun now :)
Just the 2 happiest things in the world

Last week we went to Texas with Matt's fam, it was the beeest! They are just the greatest people in the world. We stayed in a lake house on Lake Travis, heaven. Boating, golf carts, green hair from pool, HEB (store) run, and babies!!
 Hunter and Teylor
 The one and only watermelon game.
If you have never tried it
Just draw a face on the watermelon and throw into a lake (powell).

 This little snippet of a post is the best and most I could do but maybe more to come someday! 
Because we are a happy little Amish family with no social media. haha


Our Heaven

Hi Monroe Ciele!!!
Our piece of HEAVEN
Monroe Ciele 6 lbs. 5 oz. And the biggest eyes you ever saw. J

The teeny and absolute love and sunshine of our lives came to play on Oct. 27 at 3:30 am J Best day of my whole life. Her middle name is too perfect, she is HEAVEN ! (french) MOE has brought the sweetest, softest spirit to our home. And she has brought the best laugh attacks ever ! When she sneezes 4 times and then looks at you so confused, or hiccups and sounds exactly like a little frog ‘ribbuting ‘ , or when she is doing tummy time and is a little bobble head with her neck that reminds me of a turte I laugh my head off ! It is hard work holding that big thing up (in her case it is still the tiniest thing ever but still).
Matt is the worlds greatest dad and is so in love, completely wrapped  around her itty bitty finger. He wakes up in the middle of the night to just hold sleeping Moe. Between us, she is never sat down. We call each other frantically saying ‘Hurry hurry !!!!!! You gotta see this !!!’ The other one drops everything, comes flying into the room and there she is, J J,  breathing. Maybe gently moving her hands. And we still freak out and then kiss her face off J
She is a mini-matt.
Her furrowed brow all the time and funny thumbs that bend so far. What killed me is when she first sneezed in the hospital and she let out the loudest yell before she let the first one go. Scared me to death ! I have always thought people that do that could control it and the yell was unnessesary, but now that my tiny tim does it, I believe ! haha. She is absolutely wondermous. Can’t stop staring and kissing and snorting and squeezing her. Her soft little sounds, eating her fists, and bedhead melt me into a puddle.
Can't help but tear up some a those times. ha. 

Monroesy has been smiling at me after nap or singing time and I get soooo excited and tell her how wondermous she is and her eyes go just HUGE and she studies me so very still, forgets what she was smilin’ for. Haha 

Heavenly I tell ya!
                                                         Laughin, cryin, blubberin :)

                                                          Proud Grandpa Steve
 Her head seemed just bigger than a golf ball, truly. Teensy tiny goodness.

                                              Headed home, can't believe they let us have her.

                                                          1st time out, 3 days old
                                               Her eyes say it all, it is a crazy world out there.
                                                           1st bath for rubber ducky
                                                         Tummy timin it, yay for a teensy dimple!
You crack me right up

                                                                    Too good

Grandma Jules
2 of my favorite ladies :)                                                              
Moe asleep on our drive to Montana for Thanksgiving haha! Wonder baby :)

                                              Moe in the car with Aunt Ash in Montana :)

Grandma and Grandpa Mecham serving the Lord in Montana!! Recruiting the newest tiny missionary called! Go Sister Mecham!


                                                              Love me Montana

                                                   Happy Thanksgiving little pumpkin pie!!
                                               I am soooo thankful for you and your daddio!!