Matthew, Tess & Monroe

Matthew, Tess & Monroe


Our Heaven

Hi Monroe Ciele!!!
Our piece of HEAVEN
Monroe Ciele 6 lbs. 5 oz. And the biggest eyes you ever saw. J

The teeny and absolute love and sunshine of our lives came to play on Oct. 27 at 3:30 am J Best day of my whole life. Her middle name is too perfect, she is HEAVEN ! (french) MOE has brought the sweetest, softest spirit to our home. And she has brought the best laugh attacks ever ! When she sneezes 4 times and then looks at you so confused, or hiccups and sounds exactly like a little frog ‘ribbuting ‘ , or when she is doing tummy time and is a little bobble head with her neck that reminds me of a turte I laugh my head off ! It is hard work holding that big thing up (in her case it is still the tiniest thing ever but still).
Matt is the worlds greatest dad and is so in love, completely wrapped  around her itty bitty finger. He wakes up in the middle of the night to just hold sleeping Moe. Between us, she is never sat down. We call each other frantically saying ‘Hurry hurry !!!!!! You gotta see this !!!’ The other one drops everything, comes flying into the room and there she is, J J,  breathing. Maybe gently moving her hands. And we still freak out and then kiss her face off J
She is a mini-matt.
Her furrowed brow all the time and funny thumbs that bend so far. What killed me is when she first sneezed in the hospital and she let out the loudest yell before she let the first one go. Scared me to death ! I have always thought people that do that could control it and the yell was unnessesary, but now that my tiny tim does it, I believe ! haha. She is absolutely wondermous. Can’t stop staring and kissing and snorting and squeezing her. Her soft little sounds, eating her fists, and bedhead melt me into a puddle.
Can't help but tear up some a those times. ha. 

Monroesy has been smiling at me after nap or singing time and I get soooo excited and tell her how wondermous she is and her eyes go just HUGE and she studies me so very still, forgets what she was smilin’ for. Haha 

Heavenly I tell ya!
                                                         Laughin, cryin, blubberin :)

                                                          Proud Grandpa Steve
 Her head seemed just bigger than a golf ball, truly. Teensy tiny goodness.

                                              Headed home, can't believe they let us have her.

                                                          1st time out, 3 days old
                                               Her eyes say it all, it is a crazy world out there.
                                                           1st bath for rubber ducky
                                                         Tummy timin it, yay for a teensy dimple!
You crack me right up

                                                                    Too good

Grandma Jules
2 of my favorite ladies :)                                                              
Moe asleep on our drive to Montana for Thanksgiving haha! Wonder baby :)

                                              Moe in the car with Aunt Ash in Montana :)

Grandma and Grandpa Mecham serving the Lord in Montana!! Recruiting the newest tiny missionary called! Go Sister Mecham!


                                                              Love me Montana

                                                   Happy Thanksgiving little pumpkin pie!!
                                               I am soooo thankful for you and your daddio!!


  1. Tess!! It's Iris!!
    Baby Monroe is the cutest little girl! Thank you for all these cute little stories! It helps me realize what our life is going to be in a few months! :) Please keep writing in the blog! It's good for you, for all your stalker friends, or the ones that live thousands of miles away from you :) and it's good for baby Monroe who one day will read all of this!

    She's a lucky little Angel!
    Love you guys,

  2. I can't. I can not. Ever. She is the most heavenly angel there ever was and she has an even more heavenly mommy! Matt is the sweetest daddy. Can't handle how much you 2 are head over heels for her. Gosh, I'm crying at work. Love that lil tiny daisy. Love you too boodah! xoxoxoxo

  3. So first, I have got to say CONGRATULATIONS. You guys are the cutest family ever. And Merry Christmas! I hope you've been enjoying your perfect little angel.