Matthew, Tess & Monroe

Matthew, Tess & Monroe


This lucky new yorker got Aim, the E-ster, and Smash to "boogie all the way to the core of the big apple". (as aim says :)) it was such a RIOOOT! Aim was our event planner and videographer. She is the master mind behind this operation. E was our mascot. Ash is just a super star. Soo, give Bobo (amy) a shout out for her mtv music video skills!! Proud you are ma sista!!

A little explainin'... we walked out of a shop in china town and this was the party goin' down. So we joined in the crazy! (Notice the Kardashian pic? We went to DASH! a sERIOUS highlight of the trip:D )
Yes, lil' mamma (bobo) went hangin' from the TALL rafters while we were at the pool for the first shot! Her head was prolly 5 feet off the ground. Wild child. :)
When you see that happy baby (our star shine) droppin' it, that was alll naturAL. He heard the jams and started krumpin'.
The pool scenes were taped with 2 life gaurds giving us a death stare down. Guess they didn't enjoy us beltin' that song acapella and dancing in the rain as much as we did.
Did you hear Mr. East say 'uh oh' on the tattoo part? haha And I love that when Aim is dancin', he gets real close and leans his head back to watch his mamma. He has got her love for groovin!
East is such an entertainer! When we would get laughin', he would belt this PeeWee Herman, hearty laugh, and that would get us rolllling. ha
Baby E was the happiest little thing. He is our little miracle. I am just beyond in love with that heavenly package!!
Love you E! Love you Smash!
I love you BOBO Ci Watton Tatton. Ah ah.. ah ah boom boom boom! Minni minni wa ah, bobo ci wa ah, bobo ci wa ah boom
(aka my one and only, Amy LaRue)


  1. AHHHH LOVE IT!! I sure missed out:) I was picturing my big belly with those dance moves and wow, I don't know. Looks like you guys had a blast! I am glad they were able to go out and spend that time with you.
    I can't wait to see ya, it's coming. Tay comes home in two weeks then you then baby girl.. yay!

  2. oh tess you are too good! Your detail of the movie makes it even more enjoyable! Love the part about 'peew Wee' and krumpin'. You are too cute to East thanks for the love you give him!! It makes him smile from the inside out:)

  3. Ambo you did it again, made another memorable treasuer:)