Matthew, Tess & Monroe

Matthew, Tess & Monroe



Should I introduce myself again? K. Cool. Hey guys! The name is Tessa.

Okkkkk the Aimster (sista) is at it again, here is another video. Seriously thee only way to truly remember an event! So this is Labour Day weekend with the biggest boaties ever. The Mechams and the Egberts. It was A RIOT! The water was hot and I was in heaven.
Easton, my god son, (amy and patty we gotta talk about arrangin that) started calling me SHEESHA. Oh I go weak in the knees when I hear him call me! (you too matty) I will drop and do anything that for that lil' Eeester. He was absolutely hysterical when we were eating lobster and knew the claws=rawr so he was rawring at me and when the waiters would pass he'd pull a fast one, turn, and RAWR! haha They would jump. And I would be rolling on the ground!
The flips you see on the wakeboard are my claim to fame. Ya that is Patrick, my new bro.
Amy is the pro surfer of the fam.
Any skiing you see is a Mecham. I have so much respect for that sport! It's so fast. And awkward to get up!
The piece of twizzler you see Mike catch, ya he was about 20 feet away from the boat doggie paddlin', super impressive.
YES, we really did jump out of the water back into the boat! haha sweet effects aim!
The sweet hats are TUBA!!! Thee thing to have.
Such a blast of a vacation, I love my family!!!

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