Matthew, Tess & Monroe

Matthew, Tess & Monroe


Euro Baby

Oooh, It's a wonderful daaaaayy!

haha Okay, so I always sing that phrase to Matt in the exact same, really squeaky, kinda gross tune and he loves it. Well, kind of. But that is the only thing running through my head right now as I am thinking of our happy news! Matthew and I are having a little girly friend come to our family!! It is soo fun to talk about HER! She is the heart of my thoughts, gratitude, excitement, and love! Having her with me every day for a few months has meant having a constant prayer in my heart for such a sacred experience. It is already one of the most blessed, humbling experiences! We couldn't even be a pinch happier. :D


Yes, please go back and try to read that aloud. If you pronounce as I made it fool proof, you are saying INCREDIBLE in French! Which is exactly what Matt and I think of our lil' tike and of Matt's mission! haha So I will try to do a quick version of our adventure to France. Baby girl turned 17 weeks there. :)

 I had been in France a total of 4 seconds at this point. Hadn't slept on the plane like I'd planned, had my toes turn into little round balls. Startin off with a bang!
 The gorgeous Mourier home we stayed in. Neatest family. Incredible members in France.
 We went straight to the Eiffie, which was my favorite thing in Paris!

 This was Matt's apartment on the mish. Sweet.
 He was the best tour guide! He walks faster in France that's for sure. It's a French thing. I do it now too. haha jk no I don't. I just stayed close on his heels because those Frenchies mean business.

The next day we travelled to Cinque Terre, Italy. This was our breakfast. We had gelato every 5 minutes. We stayed in Vernazza and luckily it was my favorite of the 5 cities (thus, "cinque"... just learned that) We hiked between the cities and it was the most beautiful place I've ever seen! Looked like the caribbean but with the yummy italian food and accents.

 Not too shabby. Just behind me a few hundred feet is where I was standing just hours before.... as lost as a blonde, American can look. Matt had left me with the bags in search of the man we were renting our room from. Ya right were we going to find the right guy in a sea of randoms!! Tons of people were walking by and one of them turns, looks at me, and starts speaking with a thick accent. I don't know why accents make me nervous because I can't understand them even when they are speaking English! So I kind of frown and shake my head slowly as he is talking to me, warning him that I will hardly be of any help. I was 2 seconds away from 'shooing' him away. Then I understand one word: "Matt!" haha Whoops, there was our guy.

 View of Vernazza as we were trekking to Monterosso (below)

 Monterosso! Took maybe an hour to hike and WA LA! At the beach! We both jumped in the Mediterranean because you have to and yaba daba doo. It was chilly.

 ow ow


 Hiking back to our place. We didn't know that we had been burnt to little crispies.


Gelato on the dock

 This was the most curious cave in the middle of the city that led straight out to an empty beach. It was our rainy, exploration day!

 Only pic at a train station even though we basically moved in. Lived on trains in Europe.
 Notice the egg.
 Matt got the biggest kick out of his pose! We were at the very top of Riomaggiore (1 of the 5 cities) and they had this little kid park! Such a riot up there.

 Crepe in Manarola. Delightful.
Below is the city of Pisa, we woke up at 3 this morning and were now it is like 7 and we trucked our bags a few miles on cobblestones to see that leaning tower.

Matt did a really great job with his moment with Pisa. I on the other hand, was in hysterics when I saw what I thought was a really awesome, pretty convincing 'lean' on the tower.

One of our eyes squints more than the other when we havent slept in days I guess :)
Heading back to France because we had only there a few hours.

This family is the neatest!!!! Flo, Dennise, Chengis. Best meal I ate in France, most incredible experience! They don't speak English but I loved every minute. I loved seeing Matt reunite with them, he could not have been happier.

 We stayed with them one night, jumped into our rental car, and rip roared off to see France! Le Mont St Michael.

 Lunch of bagets, cheese, juice.

This is Normandy. I loved this place and the spirit there. Humbling.

 Singing to matt.
 Matt holding a pretend sword I think at Chateau Chambord. This was awesome!!

 Rented bikes to ride around the mote, one of the most fun things of my life!

 So this is not the end of our trip. But yes it is the end of this post. I'll try to do the rest next year ;)


  1. oh my goodness, you guys could not be any cuter. Adore this post. Fabulous pics, hun. xo

  2. You two are seriously the very very cutest!!! Looks like an amazing trip!

  3. I think if you could be described in a picture it would be a close tie between the first one and the cartwheel in front of the eiffel!!! You are my FAVORITE french friend darling and my favorite preggy one too :):):) Loved your few thoughts about pregnancy.... Your perspective is divine and inspiring and I'm so blessed to have been able to learn from you all these years. <3 love you to ever hank!

  4. Oh my goodness theres so much happiness to this post! I freakin LOVE that you got pregnant in France! and I LOVE every single picture in this post....such pure happiness! This looks like the DREAMIEST vacation on earth! and I couldn't be more excited for you guys to have a baby GIRL!!!! I have been waiting ever so patiently for you cuties to make a baby and thank you for not letting me down and making me wait anymore hahah! I love you and I can't wait to see you in a few days!!!

  5. Hey Tess, it's Iris !!! :)
    Love your blog !!
    Seeing this reminds me I never sent you the pictures of the 4 of us! Ahhh, Sorry about that!

    How's baby Paola doing? ;)

  6. I am SO SO late reading this post BUT I just have to say that you two are the cutest couple EVER. Seriously your baby girl is gonna be SO DARLING!!!! I love every picture and am DYING to go to France! Love this post and love you! :):)