Matthew, Tess & Monroe

Matthew, Tess & Monroe


I have never shot a shot gun before. I was a little intimidated. And the flying neon targets were not helping.
My dad is a marksman (pretty much, I think... really good!) So I felt pressure to just nail every flying pigeon. Or skeet. Whatever they call them. So Matt gets up and bam, bam, bam. Hit every flying thing. Geez. So now it's my turn. They tell me to shoot a bush first.... haha okay. So I am aiming and freaked out by the trigger because I am envisioning me flying backwards in pike position after I fire because of the kickback! So I close my right eye (wrong.) And fire! BAM. I screamed so loud after I shot.
I know that wasn't wise because I probably scared everyone, but the deed was done.
So here are some videos of the shot gun that I now really like. A lot. Now who's intimidated?

This is up at Brooke Richard Springer's cabin in Bear Lake for the weekend. What a riot! Okay and let me tell you about what an adorable, giving soon-to-be mother we have on our hands. An absolute doll. She prepared the yummiest food up there and kept us all round enough to roll but happy as can be.

 We have been besties since we were tiny. Love her!


  1. Bahaha! This post made me laugh so hard! PIKE position!! That reminds me of flying back in the pike position when we were doing turns in my basement! hahah Oh I love you Tess.

  2. ok, you are officially a spazZZZZ! I love that you closed the wrong eye, oh you make me laugh.

  3. tess! You are the best little writer. so write more please. you never fail to put a smile on my face and make me laugh out loud!!! oh and I Love the videos!!!! I can help you turn them right side up if you want :) love the pic of you and little brookie! Still can't believe she is gonna be a mom!!!!!! let's play soon. double this weekend?