Matthew, Tess & Monroe

Matthew, Tess & Monroe


Love them to ever!
A big ol' crazy group of my best friends.
Best cheerleaders, hysterical comedians, escapade adventurers: my family!
Josh, my biggest bro, (Crystal, Elliott, Solomon, Eisley) came into town from North Carolina and so we all dropped... basically everything to play. We have so much fun together. The 7 Souter's turn back into a bunch of 10 year olds when we are together, and the in laws are startin to shed away the years too. Matt just can't help it. ha. It was my favorite thing for the whole group to play kick ball in the back yard (parents included) for hours. And I'm talking like a few weeks ago. Play dough contests. Pizza making contests. Arm wrestling. Jump rope. haha good times.
This occasion was especially neat because little Eisley was blessed here. Oooo I am so thankful for my family. Even though I may be whoopin them in some competitions... they are still my role models. My most powerful examples. I still watch their every move with admiration and look up to them through my little kid eyes.. and see that they are my heros! (Literally looking up. Last week we measured everyone at dinner. ) But I just love hearing their insights and wisdom, how intertwined their lives are with the gospel. They live it to it's fullest and have the glow to show it :) They are inspiring. I love watching how they cherish their families and their testimonies. And for the 2 younger than me, no worries. I look up to you too. 
So here is an exciting family pic because there are a few new additions to the group. One of them being MATTHEW! Woopeee! I love that boy. 

 Josh's idea. Just could not sit and watch the photoshoot...

Oh wilf you are too much. :)

Sorry for the overload, i just had to include the snowball fight :)


  1. tessa! the pics are sooo cute! who was the photographer? your fam is adorable :)

  2. Your family. Just ask my roomies and LDC friends how much I talk about you and how much I talk about your family! Aside from my own, your family is everything I want mine to be. They truly are inspiring. And lets talk about PILF for a second...!!! Can't even handle it. He is perfect in every way! Love you and the whole Brady Bunch!