Matthew, Tess & Monroe

Matthew, Tess & Monroe


Smiling n' Springtime!

Oh you are looking at one happy little camper! It’s been crazy wild over here with so much fun stuff. At first I was thinkin’ that I could split these fun events up into like 7 posts… but no thanks. Ha. So this one is just gonna be a big bubba and i’ll just prance around between all the topics in no great order.
I just graduated from byu! Yippee! I love everything about that place. My professors, classes, the gorgeous campus, and how the gospel is the center of it all.
 Never been so happy to shake a stranger's hand!
 Just wanna squeeze em. I love my family with my whole heart, they make things like this so much more exciting. So grateful for their support.
 haha go matt. interpretive dance?
 Greatest examples
 Ma seestas are my best best best besties
 He made me feel like I was graduating with my doctorate or something :) ha

 Look at all that cougar blue :) woowooo i love byu! love!

 Fun surprise to run into smash and jordo! my cousins
Some of my best friends. I feel like they were some of my greatest blessings of going to byu was meeting these girls! Angels! I feel so lucky to know these girls.
 Matt let me pick my favorite activities for graduation day so i chose... a hike and this awesome park that has this massive structure we are playing on and this other cool dizzy, round about thing that i was making me squeal like a piggy and i was giggling my head off because i was soooo dizzy, matt kind of walked away like he didn't know me because i looked 5 years old. haha no, he didn't walk away, but he just watched with his arms crossed, a smirk,  and raised eyebrows. ha
But look! He climbed it with me! Such a good sport :)
 haha this is almost funny to post. CONGRATS LIZA LIZE! She is such a riot, I adore her :)
 And look how happy i am! It's Heidi you guys! She is home from her mission :) She is absolutely amazing. I've missed her.
 Lize's wedding luncheon, just glorious.
 1st time at City Creek baby! ... See? I wasn't lying about making this one fat post. It's fun to relive tho!
 Omg this is my favorite place because BEEJ could come! That is my perfect world, having my doodle come with me everywhere.

 hehe snuck that
Happy birthday Stephy! I love my mammas :) and that I get to share my birthday parties with both!


  1. Tessie!!!! YAY! You're all grown up now you little grad you! :) I'm right there with ya... I love BYU too. :) I also love you and Preston thinks that Matt is the coolest so maybe we should double??? Maybs? :)

  2. You are crazy...And I miss having you out here with me this summer! Congrats on graduating. Way to go girl!

  3. YAY CONGRATS GRADUATE!!! Love all the happiness in this post from the graduation to the doodle! You are the cutest thing I've EVER seen in my life. Love you cousin!!!