Matthew, Tess & Monroe

Matthew, Tess & Monroe


Piggy's Plungin

It was all a bunch of hogwash.
We had noo idea what we were getting ourselves into.


Ok, ok, maybe not manure. But who really knows.
It was just dirty dashing, pig, & SOUTA lovin mud.

It all started with Amy's car. But not quite.
So, I was waiting in a parking lot to get picked up by the racing crew. Aim said they were pulling in. So I got out of my car, watched them pull in to a parking spot, and walked to the back door. I opened it, saw a baby car seat and chirped "EEEEEEE!!" (because that is what I call my nephew Easton, who was supposed to be in that carseat)
I scared the living daylights out of that poor, random family.
So I started apologizing and explaining that my sister has the exact same white car and oops, oops, oops, have a great day..... when I slammed the door, turn to see my real sisters pulling in (in a black, totally different car) and I jumped in the right one.
Okay, take two, let's try this again.
We were all a bit concerned that we didn't quite know how to get to the race, but OH SO thankfully, shandi had made a map. So we bring it out. You guys :) Shandi had drawn a treasure map of real necessities such as: where the vendors at the location were going to be, the snack area, and showers.
Not to mention the map was completely wet and torn all over. hahaha, so awesome.
Mishaps like these took place every 5 minutes until the race started :) That's why we have so much stinkin fun together.

So, on to the dirty details. It was the most fun day I've ever really had with my sisters I think! We were nasty. Holding nothing back, literally swimming in the oopy goopy stuff. We laughed the entire way. For each obstacle course it was a bit backed up, so kinda a long wait in line. So we would just squeezie our lil' ways up there and walaa. We were dirty dashin again. Seriously felt like piggys. As we approached one of the backed up lines we didn't even have to discuss our game plan, we were headed to the front. We went bounding down the water slide as joyful as farm animals and went running across the finish line.
The finish line?
We basically just started this fiasco.
This is wrong.
Strike 10.
So, much to the confusion of the little, proud, cheering crowd there (and our husbands), we turned around and went sprinting back to really finish the race. We accidentally cut out about half of the thing!!  We got to finish twice. Back to back champions.

Thanks to Shand, we had to swim under all these pipes, which was not necessary but soo much more fun. As we came up absolutely covered and eyes closed, I think we all imagined these brown bodies with a white looking smile... But once I smeared the mud on my eyes away with more mud, I Through and through. Crunching, swallowing, loving every grain.
We did rightly cross the finished line and ended bottoms up, face down in the mud :)
And then we had hand stand contests, ha.
Everyone is welcome to join us for next year!!
You guys, it was so much fun and it's an annual shabang now so plan on it!

It truly was magical for us, kinda a dream come true. :)

 Thanks to Amy, our creative mastermind. We were Katniss.

 May the odds be ever in our favor.

 Don't mess
Okay you can

 The mud had a mind of it's own. found it's way into every nook and cranny.

We love you daddio! That's him in the background :) So much fun, and we are 100% getting our husby's to be Peeta for the next games.
May the odds be ever in your favor.

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