Matthew, Tess & Monroe

Matthew, Tess & Monroe


Lake Powelooza

Where do i start? It was an absolute bblast. Everyone was able to be there this year and ooooo it was sweet. I'll start with some pics to tell the story.

 Bonjour, welcome to the arch de powell. This is the night that Chef Matteu made the most deluctable  home made goat cheese  pizza (to drop dead for) with some other frenchy salad and grape juice. Grape juice. :) Cute mamma Jules made sure we took pics with Welch's. ha :D
Can you tell all of the boys are little Pier's and the girls have nasty beauty mark moles?  Just to give a lil  flavor.

 All the babies were in heaven on this trip! Nothing short of a smile like this 24/7 thanks to grandma Jules and her adventures everyday!

Wow,  I just love goggles. That is really somethin.

 I could not love these kids more!
 Oh dear, Aim Bo brought the unders back. Stained and all. We found these dainty specimens while playing a somewhat spooky, super fun game of capture the flag in the dark! May the tradition live on. :)

 Happy birthday parties!
 "Does this cake make my bundt look big?"-   Daddy Steve
 Oh Forv! (Korver) You brighten our day :)
 Oaklie Capri is an angel!
 Aim bo is such a fishy
Like mother, like son. This boy (East) swims like a dolphin and does back flips in the water, all the while with this (above) happy, joyous face. :) And after getting chucked into the water this (below) is how he comes up. ha

 My husby gets to become a rock climber cuz my bros always make him climb big rocks or anything really slick or impossible looking. :)
 Yes, while the boys we climbing, the girls did synchronized swimming. I really felt a bond with this event at the olympics.

 50's night! Thanks to Nikki we learned all these fun ballroom routines and got to watch her do her incredible thang

 Perfect couple :)
 With their perfect lil' miss :) And her trinkets that Grandma hid on the beach for the little ones to find every morning, sooo cute
 Go Joshy and Ellie!

 Cutest dad awards

 I am sooo happy playing with these guys all day!
 Oh, stop it. Can't handle you 'girla!'
 Adventures all day
 What a precious pic! Seriously kind of got happy, emotional tears going as we took these pics with the siblings! I love them with my whole heart. This happy shananagan is why Matt and I are having a huge family :) Huh matt? :)

Just heaven on earth :) So grateful for bunch!

More to come later, i think.


  1. Love this family like my own!!! Good Heavens, that looks like the funnest trip in the world!

    I am the absolute most blessed girl in all of history to call you my bestest best best sister friend!!! LOVE YOU FOREVER JERRY!!

  2. So much fun!! I love that your trip was filled with theme nights, adventures, and games every day! THat is my kind of trip baby! I feel like me and momma Jules are so similar:)

  3. You guys are the cutest family of all time! LOVE you guys! Looks like so much fun!!!

  4. This seriously looks like the best vacation EVER. How stinkin adorable is your family and all the lil when are you gonna add to the bunch:) love ya cuz!!